The Creek in Winter

a photo essay

by Badgersoph

All photographs copyright 2018 Sophia Kelly Shultz.

During my time at my former spiritual home, I had the privilege of walking the banks of Sideling Hill Creek in all seasons, and in all weather. 

Ice cascades down the cliffs at Stone Ledge Swimming Hole

Portions of the path from Camp to the Farmhouse flood during thaws, and then refreeze when the temperature drops.
More frozen  puddles.
Ice on the creek buckles during a thaw.
A close up of ice that had recrystallized into a sparkling coating near the bank.  Yes, I laid on the ground to get this shot!

A long shot of the recrystallized ice.

A mini-iceberg during a thaw.  The water color is accurate.

Ice crystals found along the creek bank.
A chunk of recrystallized ice.
Ice, or quartz?
 On Winter Solstice, as the sun disappears behind the cliffs, the creek’s current is clear as it dumps out into Hemlock Hole.

Happy Solstice, everyone!