MAGUS 2019

Igniting Peace
May 16 – 19, 2019
The Land Celebration
Gore, VA

Why Sophia loves MAGUS

How shall I describe the folks at MAGUS?

“Down to earth”–This is a group that recognizes, as a whole, the sacred nature of our Earth, right down to the soil under their feet.

They are NOT “Fair weather friends”–MAGUS attendees understand that the Earth has a mind of her own, and while they rejoice in fair weather, they are perfectly capable of carrying on in inclement weather. They are flexible when they need to be, and cheerful in a cold rain.

“Common ground”–MAGUS organizers invite any like-minded people to participate in their event.

“Salt of the Earth”–MAGUS organizers and attendees are NOT known for their pretense.

Consider joining MAGUS for their event!

MAGUS is an event that got its start at Four Quarters but, because of the events I keep alluding to, relocated. I’m glad they have found a new home–this is a GREAT group of people worth getting to know!

About MAGUS 2019

Deep within the still center of my being, may I find peace…

Druids have always been peacemakers, law keepers, and caretakers. But what does cultivating a vibrant inner spiritual life mean in the modern age for the Druid?

Silently within the circle of the grove may I share peace…

Our new home, The Land Celebration (TLC) in Gore, VA provides a beautiful natural environment with the comforts of a lodge. Each bit of the 40+ acre site contains shrines, labyrinths, walking trails, shelters, and a swimming pond! A full kitchen, dedicated kitchen staff, and indoor dining area will keep us fed and offer time for fellowship and the now famous MAGUS shenanigans! As always, we focus on building community in a safe, yet dynamic environment. New this year – YES, WE WILL RAISE A BELTANE MAYPOLE!

Gently within the greater circle of humankind, may we radiate peace…

Peace is the act of interrupting injustice without mirroring injustice. The act of disarming discord without causing discord. The act of finding a third way that is neither fight nor flight, but the careful arduous pursuit of reconciliation and justice.

MAGUS is proud to offer excellent workshops focusing on the “Igniting Peace” theme this year. As always, MAGUS will also offer OBOD initiations for all grades, a Galdr Ritual with a focus on the ley lines established in previous years, and (of course) Eisteddfod! –which will continue as a triad of visual, performance, and mead competitions. There will be bonfires, drumming, shenanigans, and much more. We aim to give you three days of challenging spiritual work, but also concrete tools and examples to help you continue the practice of Druidry as you continue through the wheel of the year.

On the culinary side of the house, MAGUS is proud to announce a dedicated team of “Kitchen Witches” this year, led by a local Virginia chef who will be making all our meals and will cater to dietary & food allergy restrictions!

Why MAGUS Loves Sophia

This year, MAGUS is proud to welcome Sophia Kelly Shultz for her third year as an Artists in Residence! So much can be said about her contributions to the event and her dedication to her incredible artwork. In addition, she has a medicine chest and lots of fabulous clothing she is willing to share. Every part of Sophia is art – she is one who truly walks the path boldly, gracefully, and without hesitation while displaying an uncommon generosity of spirit. Thank you, Sophia. We are all better for knowing you.

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