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ABC Book of Shadows

Written by Katie Lyndon Olivares and illustrated by April Choi

Review by Robin “Mama Porcupine” Woodruff

This is a darling beginner book for a young Pagan child. It focuses on Celtic Wiccan symbolism, including the 8 Celtic Sabbats and mentioning the Triple Goddess and the Horned God. The four elements are depicted on Choi’s drawings of altars, as well as the elementals; gnomes, salamanders, fairies and water sprites. Olivares works in good qualities such as justice, “harm none”, karma, visioning, dance and song. The book is also multicultural, depicting a wide variety of cultures and skin tones in the illustrations.

But I always think the true test of an author of ABC books comes when they have to come up with a bit for “X”. Olivares cleverly worked it in the verse, “X is used in equinox. Day equals Night.” The lilting, rhyming verses are fun to read without too great a stretch in metered syllables.

Editor’s note:  I think that we’ll all agree that the fellow to the far right is breaking the rules by jumping over the fire!  Kids, don’t try this at home!

This sturdy cardboard book will hold up thru a child’s toddlerhood and last into their more active years. The illustrations with lots of little details will continue to delight a child year after year as they grow in understanding.

  • Mama Porcupine