About the Stone Circle Council

The The Stone Circle Council is resolved to work in a spirit of reform and assistance to all who come to be part of the communities of Four Quarters. We do not take this responsibility lightly. We are more than 100 members, former members and friends of the farm and church. We have published an Open Letter and a Code of Conduct for the leadership to review and into. Please review and consider adding your name to these documents. Please review and add your name today. Recognizing that “our tradition is one of public service through work, on the land and amongst the public, to foster and protect the Standing Stones as sanctuary for all,” (Four Quarters Constitution 1.4) as united Members of Four Quarters Church and Farm we hereby form the Members’ Council. In doing so, we acknowledge and accept our responsibility for the growth of Four Quarters, consistent with the values of our community. We will not despair. We will not disband. We will cohere. We work for the R/Evolution of the Four Quarters Community.